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Canada Day Fireworks
   June 27, 2015 - Dusk
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AGM at Wanakita East
  July 18, 2015 - 2:00 to 4:00pm

Fun Day/BBQ
   Aug 1, 2015 - 1:30pm
Rock Bass Derby
   Aug 8, 2015 - 4:00pm
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Rock Bass Tournament
  August 10, 2013
Fun Day
  August 3, 2013

2013 AGM at Wanakita East
  July 20, 2013

2013 Wavelength
  May 2013

AGM - July 17, 2010

Annual General Meeting
Saturday, July 17, 2010, 1:00 pm
Lakeview Cottage, Camp Wanakita

Directors in attendance: Karen Beaudoin, Peter Carruthers, Dennis Choptiany, Barb Allan, Jackie Forsey, Barb Holland, Paul Lewis, Nick Mensink.
Regrets: Karin Harrison

Approximately 36 in attendance.

1. Call to Order at 2:30 PM Karen Beaudoin, President/Meeting Chair

Karen welcomed everyone and introduced Andy Gruppe, General Manager and Ruth Mills, Family Camp Director of Wanakita. Karen also introduced Cecil Ryall, Highlands East Ward 3 Councillor; Greg Brown, Haliburton Geothermal; Warren Arseneau , KLA Member & Eastern Ontario Regional Network as well as the Executive and Directors.

Karen thanked Jon Jamieson for all his work on the KLA website; Neil Dorney for doing a great job with the Fireworks for Canada Day and Karin and Bob Harrison for Fire Box Program and Promo Wear. Karen mentioned the half-price sale on existing promo wear. When all is gone, KLA will no longer be selling promo wear.

Karen highlighted upcoming KLA Social Events:

  • Fun Day - Saturday, August 6, 1:30 to 4:30 pm, Wanakita East Beach

  • Art Show - Saturday, August 6, noon to 5 pm, Lakeview Lodge, Wanakita (outside if weather is good, otherwise inside)
  • Rock Bass Tournament – Saturday, August 13, 5 pm. Government Docks

    Karen mentioned the Wavelength cover photo contest. Please send your digital pics in by March 1st, 2012. The winning submission will appear as the cover for the next Wavelength. Also, Geoff and Lise Ainsley have offered any KLA member a 5% discount on their cottage décor items.

Karen then asked everyone in attendance to introduce themselves and where they were located on the lake.

2. Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN) – Warren Arseneau

Warren explained that the EORN is a not-for-profit organization with the goal of improving internet access and high speed throughout the Eastern Ontario region. There has been financial commitment from the Federal ($50 m); Ontario ($50 m) governments and from the private sector ($55 m). He expects service to the Haliburton area by Spring 2013. There will be three options: via telephone, fixed wireless or upgraded satellite. A new satellite will be launched in August, but at this point there is no guarantee it will cover all cottages, due to line-of-sight-restrictions. Warren said you can go on their website eorn.ca and from a link on the home page, type in your address and it will tell you when service is expected. He also provided a handout.

3. Treasurer’s Report – Barb Allan

Barb referred to the Treasurer’s Report on pages 62 & 63 of Wavelength 2011-12 and reviewed the Report. She noted a deficiency of $2400, a large % of that is the write-down promo wear. Barb commented that about $2,000 was spent on upgrading and adding a new Fire Box. Barb Allan asked for acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report. Moved by Nick Mensink, seconded by Peter Carruthers. Motion carried.

4. Secretary’s Report - Barb Holland

Barb Holland asked for acceptance of the AGM Minutes of 2010 (pages 59-61 of Wavelength). Moved by Dr. Pickett, seconded by Mike Palmer. Motion carried.

5. Lake Steward's Report – Peter Carruthers

Peter said that the new Lake Steward Handbook is finally available and he hopes to get a copy soon. He took 8 water samples last year. The results vary considerably and they vary due to a number of factors, location, recent rain, lake depth or other. He will continue to do water testing for clarity, phosphorous and calcium in various places around the lake. They may be measuring for other factors such as pH (acidity), dissolved oxygen, and other things. Peter reiterated the usual cautions, keeping your septic systems up to date, using non-phosphate detergents and avoiding fertilizers.

6. Camp Wanakita Report – Andy Gruppe

Andy welcomed everyone. There have been some staff changes. After 30 years, Steve Heming retired last year. He and his wife recently had a second child.

Andy said they had a strong Fall and Winter at Wanakita. The family camp is once again at 100% capacity from July 1st to Labour Day. Regular camp is full, and day camp attendance improving. As mentioned in the newsletter, they have reduced night light by using a lower level light. They have new canoes this year and have moved the canoeing away from the government dock area. FYI, the OPP boat was on the lake this past Thursday.

Regarding campsites, the camp does not use the dam or Jumper’s Rock site but other crown land campsite such as Bark Bay. They have seen an increase in the campsites being used by non-Wanakita Campers, with debris and garbage left and trees cut down. In response to a question about using the campsites - anyone can use the sites for up to 21 days. Then they must vacate, for at least 48 hours. It is an offence to consume alcohol on crown land camp sites. Campers cannot alter or cut down trees. If you see someone damaging crown land, call the OPP.

7. Board Business: Karen Beaudoin

Donations: Only one donation request was brought forward to the Executive within the required 60 days prior the AGM – a $500 donation to Wanakita for ongoing betterment of the lake. Andy Janikowski moved the adoption of the donation to Wanakita. Seconded by Pat Lewis. Motion carried.

Membership Draw: Seven items, golf umbrella, BBQ tool set, 2 Boat Safety Kits, a bola ball game, a multi bird feeder and cookbook were ‘won’ respectively by the Janikowski’s, Andy Gruppe, Mike Palmer, Ann Carruthers, Rob Rattray, Ian Moore and Wayne Wylie and Jackie Forsey.

Election of Board of Directors: Karin Harrison has stepped down as a Director, but will continue to work on the Fire Box Program and Signage. The other Directors have agreed to stay on for another year. Karen Beaudoin asked if anyone wished to step forward as a Director. No one jumped at the chance. Karen said that a fairly new cottager, Laurie Bruce, an environmental consultant (purchased Beeby’s cottage), has agreed to become a Director. Andy Gruppe moved to accept the Board. Seconded by Dorothy Pickett. Motion carried.

Directors for 2011/12:

1. Karen Beaudoin 1038 Wolverine Drive
2. Barb Allan 1041 Barristers Bay Lane
3. Denis Choptiany 1065 Turtle Rock Lane
4. Barb Holland 1893 Ripple Rock Drive
5. Nick Mensink 1218 Chicory Drive
6. Peter Carruthers 1019 Eclipse Trail
7. Jackie Forsey 1112 Wolverine Drive
8. Paul Lewis 1782 Fallowfield Dr.
9. Laurie Bruce 1100 Wolverine Dr.

And yes, we gladly accept volunteers to work on various committees.

8. Loon Update: Janet Bradley

As part of the Canadian Lake Loon Survey, Janet has been documenting the loon population on Koshlong for the last 30 years. In the 1980’s there were at least 3 mating pairs, located in Wanakita Bay, Dysart Bay and Bark Bay. This summer she has seen 2 pairs of loons, but no chicks. However, someone commented that a pair in Bark Bay have 2 chicks, one healthy and one not so healthy. There are a number of reasons for loon decline: changing water levels especially during nesting season; disturbance from boats, water-skis; insufficient food (frog population is down); lead weights and fish hooks that loons might ingest.

The nesting season is from mid-May to the end of June. Janet recommended putting signs up with these dates in Bark Bay, one of the best locations on our lake for nesting. Discussion continued. Janet will submit a full report for next Wavelength.

9. Lake Plan (and more): Dennis Choptiany

Dennis encouraged everyone to return the survey mailed with the Wavelength. There are two Lake Plan Meetings, scheduled for July 23 and August 13, both at 10 am at Camp Wanakita.
Dennis talked about invasive species (refer to page 42-43 Wavelength). We are fortunate (so far) on Koshlong that we have only benign invasive species.

He stressed cleaning of boats when coming in from other lakes and letting them dry for at least 12 hours before launching in Koshlong.

10. Guest Speaker: Geoffrey Parker

Karen Beaudoin introduced the guest speaker, Geoffrey Parker, from Stonehaven Financial who discussed cottage succession planning ‘Handing Down the Cottage’.

11. Other/Thank-You’s:

Karen Beaudoin thanked Geoffrey Parker - an interesting topic for all.

Barb Holland asked that the members recognize (with applause) the terrific job Karen Beaudoin does on the Wavelength.

Andy Janikowski thanked all concerned for helping him find his lost dock. He said it was a reflection the community that he had so much feedback.


Warren Arseneau moved to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Ann Carruthers. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 4:15 pm.

Barb Holland, July 19, 2011

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